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YPSILON FILMS is a leading Barcelona based distribution and brand management company which acquires and markets international brands and high profile programming via partnerships with international production and distribution companies for the exploitation of Television, SVOD and Merchandising rights in Iberia and for the TV sale of selected programs in Europe, Israel, The Middle East and Asia.

Ypsilon offers a line up of iconic shows including international animated brands, children classics, family movies, teen and family TV game programs, award winning documentaries, tv series, action and drama feature films.

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YPSILON LICENSING is a joint venture between the Multitrade Group and Ypsilon Films.

The Multitrade Group with fashion boutiques, multibrand textile manufacturing and distribution in Europe and Asia, raw materials distribution in the US and Central America, real estate and venture capital operations, joined forces with Ypsilon to expand their endeavours in the entertainment business. The partnership includes the brand management of award winning and best selling international properties.

As a subsidiary of Ypsilon Films, Ypsilon Licensing operates as exclusive merchandising Agent of leading producers and distributors for the brand management of iconic characters and major animated brands in Spain and Portugal developing a long term licensing strategy.

Ypsilon Licensing has become a bridge between key international partners and the local broadcasters securing the best possible slots for the properties, building comprehensive 360º licensing campaigns for the merchandising and publishing across multiple platforms with the leading local players and licensees.

Brand vision and a flexible business model have allowed Ypsilon to strengthen long term relationships and maximize the IP revenue developing tailor-made strategies for the properties, bringing a first class service to the partners including all commercial, financial, legal and artwork approval follow up.

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Multitrade and Ypsilon are also partners in the co-financing of selected international films for theatrical release with high profile cast as well as international animated films and TV series.