Care Bears: The Giving Festival

Format: 1x60'

Thomas Hart

Director: Davis Doi


Grizzle is trying to move Care A Lot out of his way and ends up crash landing in the midst of the Bears and losing his home entirely.  The Bears help him to find it and manage to avoid his attempts to capture them in the process.  Back home, it’s getting windy and things are looking back for the evening’s Giving Festival.

When the Bears relax at Woo Hoo World, Trueheart ducks out.  Oopsy follows and discovers that Trueheart is afraid of the Funderbolt.  Oopsy helps Trueheart overcome this fear.  When some of the Bears get trapped in a cave, hunting bumble berries, Oopsy and Trueheart use the Funderbolt to rescue them.

The Giving Festival preparations continue, even though the decorations and prizes have been blown away by the wind.  When Princess Starglo is trapped on her way to Care A Lot, the Bears must rescue her.

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  • A computer-animated feature film starring the Care Bears characters.
  • It is exactly what you would expect from the Care Bears. It’s not exactly a feature-length film, and it feels a little episodic, but it is bright and full of adventure. (Review from C.S. Strowbridge of The Numbers, a box-office tracking website).


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