Care Bears: To the Rescue

Format: 1x70'

Charlotte Fullerton

Director: Larry Houston and Davis Doi


Share Bear is the emcee of the big Care-A-Lot Rescue Awards. The first award goes to Funshine Bear. Funshine had been causing trouble by rescuing Bears who didn’t really need any help. The Nimbits try to make Funshine feel needed, but create a situation that quickly gets out of hand and requires some serious rescue work from Funshine.

In the meantime, Grumpy is stage managing the Awards show, handling lights, sets and costumes. Oopsy is trying to help Grumpy, but is only making Grumpy’s job harder.

The show proceeds to the second award, which goes to Cheer Bear, for her rescue of Nibbley, a baby Gobblebug. When Nibbley’s appetite begins to threaten all of Care-A-Lot, Cheer solves the problem by building Nibbley a home of his own on a nearby cloud, where he is soon joined by the rest of the Gobblebug clan.

The third award goes to Bedtime and Grumpy for rescuing Care A Lot from a machine that has run amok. But when the award is presented, Grumpy is nowhere to be found. Oopsy has pulled the wrong lever and trapped Grumpy under the stage. As Bedtime Bear makes his acceptance speech, Oopsy races to find Grumpy. When Grumpy is finally liberated, Oopsy gets a special Rescue Award for freeing Grumpy.

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