Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-lot!

Format: 52 X 11'
Author: Amy Keating Rogers, Cïndy Morrow, Chara Campanella, Mike Yank
Director: Jeff Gordon


Take one step into Care-A-Lot and get ready to be changed forever. Because this is no ordinary place; this is the way-above-earth home of the coolest, feistiest, most magical, and playful creatures alive—THE CARE BEARS.

How do you get to Care-A-Lot? There’s only one way to this one-of-a-kind rainbow-colored world high up in the softest, billowiest clouds. You’ll need to be one of the lucky kids who receives a Care ‘n Share charm. This little magical heart-shaped treasure means you’ve been selected to either be helped with a pesky emotional challenge or the Care Bears require your special help with something they just can’t solve themselves. Either way, prepare for wishes to come true and unbelievable adventures. You won’t soon forget the tall, huggably green trees, crystal blue waters, whimsically mystical creatures, brand new Care Bear friends or any of the colorful nooks and crannies of this dream-come-true land called Care-A-Lot.

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  • The premiere of the series saw The Hub earn its best performances amongst targeted demographics in six months.
  • Partnering with Hasbro, AG released a Toy line based on the series.
  • Just Play released a line of Care Bears plush, action figure five-packs, and blind bag series figurines based on the characters.

Canal Panda and TVE in Spain, The Hub in USA, Gulli in France, TinyPop and Blinkbox in UK, TreeHouse and Tele-Quebec in Canada, Disney in Latin America, MTV3 in Finland, TV3 in New Zealand, 9TV in Philippines among others

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