Casper’s Scare School

Format: 1x74'

Kirk De Micco, Robert Mittenthal, Andrew Nicholls, Darrell Vickers

Director: Mark Gravas


Casper, The Friendly Ghost has always been the ghost who would rather make friends than frighten. As the star of 1,000’s of comics, 100’s of cartoon episodes and blockbuster Spielberg, Casper delivers a broad audience… from kids, to tweens, to adults!

A sea monster guards the entrance and the two-headed headmaster. Er… one bodied headmaster? …keep the school running screamingly. Under the watchful eyes, scaly snouts, and fiery screams of Scare School’s illustrious teaching staff, the students spend their days perfecting the craft of horrifying humans (or “fleshies” as the creatures call them). All the students but one that is… Casper doesn’t want to disappoint his teachers, but scaring just isn’t his thing. No matter how hard he works at being scary, Casper can’t help but be friendly.

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  • A computer animated TV film starring Casper the Friendly Ghost.
  • It has a TV series of the same name.
  • It also has a video game of the same name.


Disney Jr. and Canal Panda in Spain

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