Christmas is Here Again

Format: 1x75'

Robert Zappia, based on a story by Marco Zappia

Director: Robert Zappia
Cast: Ed Asner, Kathy Bates, Madison Davenport, Colin Ford, Brad Garrett, Shirley Jones, Norm MacDonald, Daniel Roebuck and Andy Griffith


Christmas Is Here Again is a star-studded, award winning musical animated tale that follows the exciting journey of a young orphan, Sophianna, and her unlikely band of adventures as they set out to recover Santa’s magical toy sack. Having been stolen nearly thirty years prior, all the boys and girls have gone without Christmas for so long thar nary a soul remembers the enchanted time when Santa traveled the world over, spreading his good will and cheer.

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  • This is a great Christmas movie for the whole family. It is an instant classic among the likes of Charlie Brown Christmas, The Polar Express, and Rudolph. It is not just for kids, but people of all ages. It has an incredible cast and amazing animation. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for some Christmas cheer.
  • The music is quite catchy and enjoyable, the characters are lovable, and the story is an inspiration that provides humor and hope for all!


Disney Channel and TV3 in Spain


  • Narrated by Jay Leno
  • Co-Executive Producers: Sheri Disney and Roy P. Disney

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