Deadly Depths

Format: 1 X 52'

Bob Coen, Eric Nadler & Nicolas Koutsikas / Producers: Georama TV, ARTE, NHK


More than one million tons of chemical weapons are lying under water, near our coasts. From 1 91 7 to 1 970, armies have systematically been dumping their mortal poisons into the oceans, all over the world. Little by little, the active substances are being released. Why politicians and military staffs took this decision? What are the consequences on maritime life and on our health? This 2-year investigation explores the issue in all its dimensions & search for solutions.

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  • Long Island International Film Expo LIIFE
  • Green Screen International Nature Film Festival Eckernförde 2014
  • Blue Ocean Film Festival 2014
  • Official Selection International Festival Enviroment movie
  • Festival Film & Science Amsterdam 2014
  • Official Selection Special Prize of Prince Rainier III


TVE Spain, ARTE France, SF, RTS Switzerland, LRT Lithuania, LTV Latvia, CyBC Cyprus, SNRT, CESKA Cech Rep., TV3, RT6P, TLT, RTBF Belgium, NRK Norway, Estonian TV Estonia, TG4 Ireland, RTVSLO Slovenia, ERT Greece, SVT Sweden, DW Danmark

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