Diamond Dog Caper

Format: 1 x 90’

Dennis S. Johnson and Mark Stouffer

Director: Mark Stouffer
Cast: French Stewart, Luke Benward, Brittany Curran, Denyse Tontz, Kelly Perine, Kevin Farley


A notorious diamond thief and two dim-witted accomplices think they have found the perfect suburban neighborhood to hide out and the perfect place to stash $5 million in stolen diamonds – on a golden retriever.  But Owen, a clever young boy, falls in love with the dog and discovers their secret.  He immediately takes action and a la HOME ALONE, a terrific battle ensues between man’s best friend and America’s most wanted.

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5 million bucks, 4 furry paws, 3 sorry thieves

Disney Channel Spain “Prime Time Friday and Saturday evenings broadcast achieving major ratings and leading the 4-12 slot”


Disney Channel Spain


Distributed in Spain: Ypsilon Films

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