Dofus Kerub’s Bazaar

Format: 52x13'

Emmanuel Franck and Antoine Roux

Director: Jean-Jacques Denis


Kerub Crepin’s booth is a real treasure cave! With only the light of a Moss liver oil lantern, you can find antiquities of all kinds there: amulets, talismans, or even decorative objects, precious and sometimes magic… Each one of them has its own story and each story its own episode! It’s an opportunity for the old Ecaflip to share some of his memories, encounters and extraordinary adventures with his adopted son, little Joris.

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  • Based on the hugely successful online game (50 million accounts created worldwide) & 1 Million comics sold
  • 800 000 visitors a month on the website
  • 1st MMORPG in French speaking countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Morocco)
  • Over 2.5 million accounts connected each month
  • Over 50 million accounts created since the release of the game, 10 million  of which in 2011 alone
  • Over 50 servers in 6 different languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese


TV3 and Clan (TVE) in Spain


Distribution in Spain by Ypsilon Films


* Norma Editorial is the publisher of the Dofus Manga in Spain
* Abyss Corp is the distributor of the Dofus Krosmaster figurines in Spain
* Bayard is the publisher of the Game book collection and Novelizations collection in France
* Gründ is the publisher of the Activity Books in France
* Kid' Abord is the partner in France for Back-to-School products
* Ravensburger is the partner for Puzzles in France, with exclusive illustrations from Dofus Artists

* Agent in Spain: Ypsilon Films

Brand in the spotlight

* Wide range of Merchandising available, from Toys & Accesories to Gifts and Clothes including Board games
* Dofus Mag, the nº 1 online game magazine in France, published every two months. Its 132 pages printed on satin-finished paper become a real collector's item.
* The best-selling French Manga. Over a million copies sold.
* Dofus: Battles was the most downloaded app the week it came out. Today, DOFUS: Battles is in the TOP 10 most sold games in the Apple stores in France.
* Dofus Krosmaster: interactive table game with 42 collectible figurines and an online game called Krosmaster Arena.
* Online game in continuous growth since 2007. Over 900.000 accounts created. 8 dedicated servers. A huge community of players really involved with the brand.
* OP Promo with Flunch in France, giving one Dofus figurine with each kids menu (5 figures / 5 weeks)

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