Format: 52x11' + 2x44'

Jeremy Zag, Damian Smith and Aaron Strongoni


Liv, Andy and Mike are three teens who form the ultra-secret Ghost Force, a squad of super heroes with ghostly powers! With the help of mysterious Glowboo and an arsenal of high-tech invented by their mentor, Miss Jones, our heroes battle and capture the ghosts that haunt New York City… before racing back to school for their next class!

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  • 2 specials: Episode 1: Origins and Episode 2: Halloween
  • Comedy / Adventure / Action
  • Special ghosts bring special powers, collect the ghosts, gain more powers
  • Master toy: Playmates toys


Disney and TV3 in Spain, TF1 in France, Discovery Kids in Latin America


Worldwide Distribution Zagtoon

Represented in Spain by Ypsilon Films

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