Gus, The Itsy Bitsy Knight

Format: 104 x 11'


Once upon a now, there’s a little boy named Gus who wants to become a great knight. Wielding his laser sword and mounted on his electric pony, Gus never misses an opportunity for adventure, as he engages in a quest for the Starry Shield. For this will prove to one and all that a brave heart can overcome everything, And that there’s no greater cavalier than Gus, the itsy bitsy knight!

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© Technicolor Animation Productions


Based on Dankerleroux & Françoise de Guibert’s books

Master Toy Partner: Mattel

Comissioned by TF1, Disney Channel and Mattel



Clan TVE, TF1, Pop, DeaKids, Discovery Italia, RTBF Belgium, RTP, Disney Channel, MTVA, Lattelecom, Canal +, TV Puls, MTV3, STV, NRK,  K:, Radio-Canada, Boomerang Latinamerica


Worldwide Distribution PGS Entertainment. Spain Representation Ypsilon Films.

Target: 4-7 years old

Genre: Comedy-adventure

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