In the footsteps of Tintin

Format: 5x52’

Henri de Gerlache, Marc Temmerman, Laurent Joffrion, Florence Tran


Through a documentary series comprising five 52-minute films, we propose to discover the world through Tintin’s eyes. For each destination, we shall seek to experience “for real”, what Hergé drew to inspire our dreams. From the forests of Peru to the snowtopped peaks of Nepal, from the arid deserts of Morocco to the wind-blown Scottish Hebrides… an invitation to travel in the form of a road-movie, with Tintin as a travelling companion. A journey of discovery, open to everyone, and not merely to hardened “Tintinologists”.

The ultimate, common aim of all the episodes in the series: to transport the viewers, to give them a taste for travel and adventure, to understand these countries and the everyday lives of their inhabitants, and to take a closer, more pertinent look at the destinations Tintin explored…

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  • A journey in pictures, an investigation, new discoveries
  • A documentary adaptation of the albums
  • A real adventure, in today’s world, with Tintin as a travelling companion
  • A travel guide, of a whole new genre
  • 2009 : Tintin celebrated 80 years old
  • 2011 : Several films were devoted to Tintin, including productions by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson.


TVE in Spain, Arte in France and RTBF in Belgium


Each film in the series is a journey in a different country. In each episode we follow Tintin’s trail in a veritable road-movie, leading us deeper and deeper into the discovery of a country. From the start, and during the exploration, information is given to the viewers for a greater appreciation of their destination.

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