Inazuma Eleven

Format: 127x26'

Atshuhiro Tomioka (Series composition), Koji Ikeda and Yuko Inue (Character Design)

Director: Katsuhito Akiyama


The RAIMON Jr. high soccer team is an unmotivated underdog soccer team with only 7 players. The team captain MARK EVANS, tries to call the team together. A once famous goalkeeper, now he is stuck in a rut, with nowhere to use his skills.

One day, a new kid comes to school, AXEL BLAZE. He is a famous striker known for his legenday super shot, “Fire Tornado”.

His presence at RAIMON brings MARK to try an rebuild the team by getting AXEL to join him. All looked to be working for the best, when it turns out that AXEL had quit soccer because of “an incident”.

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  • TV animation series based on the Nintendo DS software “Inazuma Eleven”.
  • Improves human values as friendship and teamwork.
  • Hot Blooded Sport and Suspense, these two central plots joint together to help build a totally new type of story.
  • Licensed products in all children categories, headed by the videogames from Nintendo DS, with more than 1.700.000 units sold in Japan, and a wide collection of Trading cards.
  • Cross Media:
    • TV Animation keeping high target audience ratings!
    • Nintendo DS game with overt 400.000 units sold in Europe!
    • Comics (Manga) over 500.000 copies sold (in 4 volumes)
    • Trading Card Game with over 100.000 units sold for the Starter Pack and about 5.000.000 units sold for the Booster Pack!


Gulli in France, Noga in Israel and RTL2 in Germany for Arait Multimedia.


Distributed by Arait Multimedia

Ypsilon Films: Agent for the sale to RTL2 in Germany, Gulli in France and Noga in Israel

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