• Iron Man: Armored Adventures

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    Format: 52 X 26'


    Tony Stark, heir to a billion-dollar corporation, lives a life of luxury, free to pursue his chief interests – seeking extreme thrills, solving scientific mysteries and creating mind-boggling inventions.

    But everything goes horribly wrong when a tragic accident robs Tony of his father and nearly costs him his own life. Now dependent on his own impressive technology for survival and dedicated to battling corruption, Tony must reconcile the pressure of teenage life with the duties of a Super Hero. Inside his remarkable invention, Tony Stark is geared for high-speed fight, high-tech battles and high-octane adventure!

    He is IRON MAN.

    Author: Stan Lee and Larry Lieber

    Director: Stéphane Juffé and Philippe Guyenne


    Iron Man: TM & © Marvel Entertainment, Inc and its subsidiaries. Animated Series: Marvel Entertainment, Inc and its subsidiaries and Method Animation. All rights reserved. Licensed by Marvel Characters, B.V.

    • Kids like adventure & superpowers! Top Ratings on the most TV channels.
    • The last TV adaptation is the Highest-Ever budget for an animated superhero series. 
    • 2012 Award Winner as the Best Teen TV Series.


    Major Broadcasters: Disney XD, TV3, Canal Sur, TV Aragón (Spain), Nick Toons (USA), Teletoon (Canada), ABC (Australia), France 4 and Disney XD (France), Nickelodeon (Germany) , Rai Gulp and Nickelodeon (Italy), Globo (Brazil), Televisa (Mexico), Disney XD (Latin America),Netflix (Latin America), UCV (Chile), Vip 2000 (Ecuador), Cartoon Network (Asia), Disney XD (Japan), CTC (Russia), MPT and Ok Kids (Macedonia), MBC3 (Middle East) and Saban Brands (Israel)…


    Worldwide Distribution PGS Entertainment. Spain Representation Ypsilon Films and sales to Globo (Brazil), Televisa (Mexico), UCV (Chile) and Vip 2000 (Ecuador).

    From the pages of the acclaimed comic series. With more than forty years of adventuring, crime-fighting, and saving the world under his iron belt; and over 450 invincible issues to his name –this golden hero is an icon, recognized by fans around the world.

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