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Kim, Kate and Kylie are three ordinary girls in an extraordinary world. They are teen pop singers on an amazing global music tour full of unexpected diversions which lead to fun packed stories. With their long suffering chauffeur by their side. K3 never know what’s around the next bend of their road and just can’t say no to an adventure. And K3 always triumph with a positive attitude and a catchy song.


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  • Tongue in cheek musical comedy adventures
  • Bright and fun
  • The Spice Girls round the back of Scooby Doo!
  • First Hit “Heyah Mama” #1 in Flemish Top 50 for 16 weeks
  • 5,5 million K3 CD’s sold in 15 years in Benelux
  • 13 Albums released since 1999
  • 830.000 fans enjoyed K3 Live Shows in Benelux
  • The last show attracted more than 170.000 fans in Benelux Premiere on M6 (France)



Commissioned by M6 and Teletoon in France, Studio100TV in Belgium

TV3 in Spain, M6 and Teletoon in France among others

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