Format: 52 x 11'

Cheeky Little Media


Who says the world works the way grown ups think it should? Things can always be different if you just imagine… Monty is a spirited boy of six, with a vivid imagination and his best friend is Jimmy Jones, the family pet pig. In each episode Monty confronts a preconception about life, embarking on an imaginary musical adventure with Jimmy Jones to find fresh perspectives.

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The CG-animated show is designed to emulate Claymation.

The digital characters have the appearance of Plasticine figures, down to the appearance of thumbprints on their “skin” surfaces.

The imaginary sequences also integrate 2D graphic elements to create worlds that look hand-crafted out of simple materials.


TV3, Canal Panda Spain, Dreami Portugal, CBeebies, Netflix, ABC Kids


Worldwide Distribution Jetpack Distribution. Represented in Spain by Ypsilon Films.

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