Kitty is not a cat

Format: 104 x 12', 2 seasons

Bruce Kane and Maurice Argiro. Produced by BES Animation.


Kitty is Not a Cat is an animated series about a little girl ‘Kitty’ who has a big imagination and a whole lot of courage. She is at the age where a child feels they can be anything they want, even a cat. Kitty arrives on the doorstep of a house full of partying felines. These carefree creatures suddenly find their lives turned upside down as they attempt to teach her how to be a human when Kitty actually prefers living the life of a cat.

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Kitty is not a cat won at the SPA awards in the category of Animated Series, Production of the Year in 2018.

In 2019 was nominated for the Kidscreen Awards as Best New Series and for Pulcinella Awards as Best Kids TV series.

A show that uniquely blends urban culture, comedy, and music with stories that connect to 6-10 year old kids.



Clan TVE and Amazon Prime Video in Spain, Seven Network, DEA Kids, Disney Channel


Worldwide Distribution Jetpack Distribution. Represented in Spain by Ypsilon Films.

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