League of Super Evil

Format: 78 x 11'

Produced by Nerd Corps Entertainment in conjuction with YTV.


Armed with a whole new approach to badness, The League of Super Evil (a.k.a. L.O.S.E.) follows four bumbling Super Villains who have set their sights on nothing less than total neighbourhood domination! Between using a Shiruken anime robot to win a playground slam dunk competition, inventing a super-computer to protect Voltar’s sweet new evil BMX bike, or hosting a neighbourhood barbeque and evilly not inviting ANY of the neighbors, L.O.S.E. struggles ever-onward to its goal of total mindless fun!  Isn’t it time the Villains got their due?

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Password Video: yf67

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  • Inspired by the sketch “Once Were Heroes” by Ryan Harper-Brown
  • Winner of the Leo Awards in the category of Best Animation Program or Series
  • Great success on BBC, Cartoon Network USA & YTV Canada


TVE, TV3 and ETB Spain, BBC UK, YTV Canada, Cartoon Network USA, Disney XD Latin America

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