Make Way For Noddy

Format: 100 X 10'
Author: Enid Blyton (Noddy Character), Mallory Lewis, Jymm Magon
Director: Byron Vaughns


Make Way for Noddy follows the adventures of Noddy, a little wooden boy with a nodding head and a jingly blue hat whose innocent enthusiasm leads him into all sorts of tricky situations. Along with his toy friends in the colorful world of Toyland, Noddy learns important life lessons!

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  • Based on Enid Blyton’s Noddy character.
  • With almost sixty years of adventures to his name, NODDY – who made his literary debut in 1949 – can rightfully claim his place as one of the most popular and enduring children’s characters of all time.
  • Young children love to go on adventures with Noddy and his friends on TV, in books and through play. Noddy possesses a childlike gift of curiosity, innocence and energy that makes children adore him.

TV3 and IB3 in Spain, Channel 5 and S4C in UK, PBS Kids in USA, Discovery Kids in Brazil, RTP and Canal Panda in Portugal, France 5 and Tiji in France, Cartoon Network and Pogo in India, Nickelodeon in Germany and Netherlands, RTE in Ireland, Disney Junior in Italy, Nick Jr. and Nine Network in Australia, TVP and MiniMini in Poland, KBS in South Korea among others.


Distribution to Forta Channels Spain: Ypsilon Films

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