Microbes Rule the World

Format: 1x52’

Jay Ingram

Director: Cyndy Banks


Humans are not ‘in charge.’ It’s a disturbing thought, but nevertheless true. In fact, we can’t even see what is ‘in charge’ because it’s too small. A ‘brave new world’ is evolving, and challenging how we place ourselves in it and… maybe even in the solar system. Scientists are finding billions of microbes (or bacteria) crawling around, hiding in the most unexpected places. Not only do they lead us to the places we can see, they lead us to the places we’ve never seen. From beneath the barren glaciers on both poles, to the volcanic ocean floor, to the Earth’s far-reaching interior, even to the surface of Mars… there is life! We are in the midst of a revolution in understanding life on earth as Microbes Rule the World explores the mysteries of these dominant tiny creatures and how they have changed and are changing the world.

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Although we think we’re very special and we are because we can contemplate microbes, they really rule the earth.” Dr. Penny Amy, Director of Biotechnology, University of Neveda, Las Vegas

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