Miraculous World: New York

Format: 1x59'


Marinette’s class is headed to New York, the city of superheroes, for French-American Friendship Week. The whole class… except Adrien, whose father refuses to let him go.

Ladybug asks Cat Noir to watch over Paris without revealing why she will be away, and Cat Noir takes the mission very seriously… but when Marinette, as class representative, convinces Gabriel to let his son go with his classmates, Adrien has a problem. Being Cat Noir in secret, he cannot watch over Paris and go to New York with his class at the same time. How will he manage?

To make things more complicated, Ladybug and Cat Noir have no idea that Hawk Moth is about to travel as well! Indeed, he has a very keen interest in French-American Friendship Week…

The American superheroes may need a hand on this one!

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  • The special was the most watched programme on Pop for both days that it aired, making it the number 1 slot on each day of airing
  • Premiered in November 3rd, 2020, in Gloob Brazil, it reaches the number one movie exhibition in Gloob’s history
  • The movie ranked #1 as the most watched show of the week in Disney+ Latin America



Disney Channel, Disney+ & TV3 in Spain, TF1 in France, Pop TV in UK, Disney Channel and Disney+ in Latin America, Gloob in Brazil


Worldwide Distribution: ZAG/ON Entertainment

Represented in Spain by Ypsilon Films

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