My Giant Friend

Format: 52x13'


On Earth, aliens are considered as dangerous creatures and captured by a bad nongovernmental organization, the SDC, which is attracting them to transform them into “living weapon”.

But when Linus met Boom he quickly discovered that this creature couldn’t be dangerous and they both became friends. Then, to protect Boom from the SDC, Linus and his friends from the astronomy club, with the help of Doctor K., use a new technology that allows Boom to become a human for a limited time period.

On one hand Boom is trying to adapt himself to life on Earth and to his human body, and on the other hand, Linus, his friends and Boom are fighting against the SDC agents to save all the aliens possible and send them back and safe on their planet.

They became Alien protectors!!!

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  • A co-production of Samg, Timoon Animation, IMBC, Kocca, Canal J & France 3
  • They have no superpowers, they are not superheroes…but they have a superfriend, a giant alien friend!!! And to save him, they will have to save, not the world, but the universe…!


TV3 in Spain, Canal J and France 3 in France

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