• Odd Squad (División O)

    Format: 100 X 22' / 3 Seasons


    Odd Squad is a live-action comedy about a high-tech organization run by kids that investigates anything strange, weird and especially odd. If there is a fire, you call the fire department. A crime, you call the police. But if your dog has doubled or your spouse has shrunk, then that’s a job for Odd Squad.

    Each episode follows lead agents Olive and Otto as they track down villains, stop odd creatures and help townsfolk with odd conditions like The Skips or The Sing-Alongs. Odd Squad has a fun, goofy and irreverent style that includes sight gags, one-liners, absurd situations and plenty of slapstick. Also, embedded in each Odd Squad story is a math concept aimed at kids in grades 1-2.

    Author: Tim McKeon and Adam Peltzman

    Casting: Dalila Bela, Filip Geljo, Millie Davis and Sean Michael Kyer


    © 2014, Odd Productions LLC

    • A new season currently in production of 35 x 11′ – Odd Squad Mobile Unit
    • Winner of the Parents’ Choice Gold Honor in 2017
    • Also won the Daytime Emmy Awards in 2017 in the following categories: Outstanding Performer, Outstanding Wrinting Special Class, Outstanding Costume Design, Outstanding Hairstyling and Outstanding Make-Up


    Broadcasters: Clan TVE and Amazon Prime Video in Spain, PBS Kids in USA, TVO Kids and Ici Radio-Canada in Canada, CBBC in UK, Discovery Kids in Latin America, SVT in Sweden, NRK in Norway, Gloob Brazil among others.



    Worlwide Sales: Sinking Ship

    Sales in Spain: Ypsilon Films

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