Format: 78x7'

Eric Chevalier and Nathalie Blanchard

Director: Eric Chevalier, Guillaume Rio and Antoine Colomb


Senzo, Mimo, Gala, and Bella are videogame characters and the members of a cyber-vintage band: The Podcats. Carefree, they are all-out Baby Rockers with a thing for pop-rock tunes! As the Podcats evolve in virtual worlds and intereact with their inhabitants, their fast-paced adventures joyfully caricature these universes.

As self-respecting Mini-Geeks, these rocking whiz kids know their videogame, internet, and high-tech evironments. The Profcats Files, featured in all episodes, are a survival kit to the worlds explored by the Podcats.

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© Fred De Fooko /Eric Chevalier / DocksDog / Okidoki (France) – Jamti / Milagro Films / Hypgnosis-fx (Canada)

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  • Comedy pop rock series with video games opportunities
  • Top rated series on France 3 with 30% share


TV3 in Spain, France 3 in France


PODCATS MAIN THEMES, The Podcats is a musical skit series, each episode is made of several sections.

  • INDOOR SKITS, Slices of lives of the Podcats as a group: full of humor, quirkiness, and surprises.
  • OUTDOOR SKITS, Pastiches of virtual universes. A concert usually introduces such sequence.
  • PROFCATS FILES, These 2D animations explain the practices and traditions of the universes the Podcats visit or give amusing technical information.
  • MACHINIMAS, A favourite among hard core gamers… The Podcats’ machinimas are created from their own universe and are the first original machinimas.
  • CLIPS, Editing “AMV” (animated music video) clips: the young generation’s favourite digital pastime on the Web. The Podcats also make AMV clips on their own universe.

As a whole, the series can be broadcast and licensed in 400 short clips or “skits”, ideal for mobile and new media.

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