Spike Team

Format: 78x26'

Andrea Lucchetta and Alessandro Belli

Director: Alessandro Belli


Coached by Lucky, a Volleyball champion definitely out of the ordinary, six girls apparently very common… become very special. Jo, Victoria, Beth, Patty, Susan and Ann Mary learn, play, fall and get up.

Through their adventures, each of the Spike grows in self-awareness, in resources and in their limits, discovering that they have qualities that are very special. Jo, has within herself the Strength, Patty, the Spirit of Sacrifice, Beth the Courage, Susan the Balance, Ann Mary the Perseverance and Victoria the Loyalty. These are six virtues, represented by as many gems, which, taken together, are able to light again the sacred flame of Olympia!

With its extraordinary and diversified universe of characters, Spike Team is an unforgettable story of frienship and love, a journey of growth full of suspense and mystery, of traps and unexpected turn of events, where defeats become victories and where the only thing you cannot lose is hope. This whay the greatest adventure lies within us.

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  • A rating success!
  • Sport is an eternal flame which burns inside of you… You don’t have to be a champion. Just have passion… always. Turn off boredom. Spike it!
  • 6 titles launched in all bookshops in Italy with RCS/Fabbri.
  • Agreements settled with Editora Fundamento, Timas Publishing Group and Random House Mondadori for the launch of books in Brazil, Turkey and Spain.
  • Wide range of licensed Merchandising products which include food, toys, stationery, toiletries, accesories, footwear or technical sportwear.


TV3 (Spain), Gloob (Brazil), Noga Communications (Israel), Rai 2 and Rai Gulp (Italy), Smart Çocuk (Turkey), Canal +, Megamax (Eastern Europe), True Visions among others.


Distribution in Spain: Ypsilon Films.

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