Spike Team: Brent’s Dream

Format: 1x52’

Andrea Lucchetta and Alessandro Belli

Director: Alessandro Belli


Brent Winters was practically born on wheels. Growing up, he spent every day at the racetrack with his father, a professional motorbike racer. In his teens, Brent is involved in a terrible road accident and as a result, loses his legs. This tragic event brought pain, both physical and emotional. Brent recovers and through the use of sports, starts to get his life back together. He slowly regains confidence and acquires a newfound independence. Brent meets new friends as he continues his rehabilitation with sports and together, they participate in a Triathlon trial: swimming, running and hand-cycling. His renewed enthusiasm for sport encourages him to fulfill his dream of participating in the Paralympic Games in hopes of becoming the fastest on wheels.

Along the way, Brent meets Patty, a volleyball player from the Spike Team, through an on-line College Blog. They share interests in sports and new technology and grow fond of each other. A romance begins to blossom!

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The Spike Team Special has gained worldwide interest from kids and families alike given its empowering message of overcoming disabilities and hardships and learning to triumph through strong will and determination. This inspirational Special appeals to both boys and girls and takes you on a family friendly journey that is both exciting and motivating.


TV3 (Spain),  Gloob (Brazil), Rai Due and Rai Gulp (Italy), True Visions, Canal +, Smart Çocut (Turkey) among others


Distribution in Spain: Ypsilon Films

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