• Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Dreams Movie

    Format: 1 X 70'


    Strawberry Shortcake is dreaming of a world filled with berry plants that she and her friends can share. But when the Peculiar Pie Man comes to Strawberry Land, her dreams and friendships begin dying, leading to a crop whose stock has been devoured by “Berry Birds”. After arranging a sleepover with her friends, Strawberry and the rest travel to the Land of Dreams on a Dreamboat that Ginger Snap has built, in order to stop the Pie Man from taking over their residence.

    Author: Carter Crocker

    Director: Karen Hyden


    “Strawberry Shortcake™ and related trademarks © Those Characters From Cleveland, Inc.”

    • The film includes the first appearance of the villain, the Peculiar Pie Man, since Nelvana’s Strawberry Shortcake specials from more than twenty years ago. 
    • The script was written by Carter Crocker, whose previous credits included the Disney sequels Return to Never Land and The Jungle Book.


    Broadcasters: Disney Jr. in Spain and Disney Channel in Asia Regions.

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