Taking 5

Format: 1x90'
Cast: Daniella Monet, Alona Tal, Christy Carlson Romano & Kate Albrecht featuring The Click Five


Gabby and Devon are the ultimate fans of the mega boy band, 5 Les Rise (The Click five). So, when energy drink, Shift, sponsors a free 5 Les Rise concert for the high school that collects the most bottle labels, Devon and Gabby deliver with a frenzy that only star struck fans can. When the labels are destroyed in an accidental fire caused by one of the girls, dreams of the concert are dashed not only for Gabby and Devon, but for the entire school.

Desperate to see their idols on their home turf and not to be social pariahs for the reminder of high school, the two friends take matters of delivering the band into their own hands.

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The Ultimate High School Heist


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Genre: Teen

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