The Enchanted Village of Pinocchio

Format: 52x13'

Based on Carlo Collodi’s world-famous Italian folk tale. Co-Produced by: the European animation leader ON Kids & Family, a Mediawan company, and Palomar.


Welcome to the enchanted village of Pinocchio, a place where all fairy tale characters live after their happily ever after along with their children.

We follow Pinocchio and his merry group of friends as they take on fun adventures!

You may bump into Sleeping Beauty, living with Prince Charming, the Seven Dwarves who all live together in a noisy house share, the Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, all grown up, fairies, witches and more!

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Top European production series!

The leading series will be launched in public networks all over Europe.

Adaptation of a masterpiece of cultural heritage like Pinocchio.

A fun take on Pinocchio and the world of fairy tales. Full of Comedy and Adventure.


France Télévisions, ZDF, Rai, Radio-Canada, Discovery Kids Latinamerica, VRT Belgium, RTS Switzerland among other key players.

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