The Mysterious Cities of Gold

Format: 78x30' / 3 Seasons

Hadrian Soulez-Lariviere

Director: Jean-Luc François


In 1532 a Spanish orphan named Esteban joins Mendoza, a navigator, and his associates Sancho and Pedro, in their search for one of The Seven Cities of Gold in the New World, hoping to find his father. They are joined on their quest by Zia, an Incan girl (who was kidnapped by Mendoza), and Tao, the last descendant of the sunken empire of Mu (Hiva in the English dub).

The series is a mix of ancient South American history, archaeology, and science fiction. The travellers encounter the Maya, Inca, and Olmecs during their journey. They discover many lost technological wonders of the Mu Empire, including a solar powered ship (the Solaris) and The Golden Condor, a huge solar-powered ornithopter (mechanical bird), capable of traveling considerable distances under the sun’s power alone. They are constantly pursued by antagonists Gomez and Gaspard, who are also in search of the Cities of Gold.

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  • Most watched series in France in 2013.
  • The series reported a 28%  share on TF1, with more that 1 million viewers for the firsts and the final espisodes of the series.
  • A series which combines entertainment and a bit of educational content with a short documentary of 1 minute at the end of each episode, narrated by Pitchu, the little parrot.
  • Targeted to boys and girls audiences.


TV3 in Spain, TF1 in France, RTBF in Belgium, Teletoon & Télé-Québec in Canada, RTS and SRG in Switzerland, Nickelodeon in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Netherlands and Belgium, KIX / Chartshow TV in UK and Ireland, Zon in Portugal and Portuguese speaking Africa, Canal + in English speaking Africa and Alshana in Mauritius Island.

Home Video rights handled by Polyband in Germany and German speaking countries, Fabolous in UK and Ireland, Zon in Portugal and Portuguese speaking Africa.

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