The Octonauts & The Great Christmas Rescue

Format: 1x22'


The Octonauts travel to Professor Inkling’s childhood home for Christmas, an undersea mountain. But they discover that a rockslide has endangered the local creatures  – including a rare species of golden coral, and Inkling’s  little octopus nephew, Squirt! With the help of Tweak’s latest invention, the Gup-X, the Octonauts must rescue the creatures and save Christmas.

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  • Starting out as a children’s book series by artist/author MEOMI (Vicki Wong & Michael C. Murphy) in 2006, and since adapted into an exciting preschool adventure television series by Silvergate Media and Brown Bag Films in 2010.
  • Octonauts Live show! You never know where the Octonauts crew will turn up next. You can meet the Octonauts or see them live on stage. They have participated in several events in Uk, Australia and USA.


Disney Jr. Spain and Portugal, CBeebies in UK, Disney Junior USA, ABC in Australia, TF1 in France, Super RTL in Germany, RTP and Canal Panda in Portugal, RTE in Ireland, YLE in Finland, Discovery Kids Latin America, Yoope and Treehouse TV in Canada, MNet in South Africa,  Disney in Japan, Disney Junior in South Korea and True Visions in Thailand. Also sold on Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia and Kosovo.


Representation in Spain and Portugal: Ypsilon Films

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