The Saddle Club

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The series revolves around the experiences of three girls, who form a club named “The Saddle Club” after recognizing their shared love for horse riding. Their rival is another young rider at the stables named Veronica Di Angelo.

Throughout the series, The Saddle Club navigates their rivalry with Veronica, training for competitions, horse shows, and the quotidian dramas that arise between friends and staff in the fictional Pine Hollow Stables.

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  • Based on the books written by Bonnie Bryant.
  • There have been a number of The Saddle Club albums released in Australia with the actors from the series.
  • Each of the albums has made the top 50 of the Australian album charts.
  • The first 3 records achieved gold record status.
  • 29 book titles published.


Disney Channel in Spain, Gulli in France, Pop Girl in UK, Disney Channel in Italy, Disney Channel in Portugal, Nickelodeon in Netherlands, SVT in Sweden, Discovery Kids and PBS Kids in USA, Boomerang in Latinamerica, Nine Network & Win Television in Australia, TVO Kids in Canada

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