• The Sisters

    Format: 104 x 11' - 2 Seasons


    The sisters is a comedy telling the day to day life of two sisters aged 7 and 13. Marine is still a child while Wendy her elder sister is entering the teenage years. They both have a strong temper, very different personalities and love each other! Marine is naive, lovable , quite hyperactive and….very invasive. She always has crazy ideas to grasp her sisters attention while Wendy aspires to a grown up life. The character driven comedy is about brotherhood/sisterhood.

    Author: Producers: Samka Productions


    Second Season currently in production, 52 new episodes

    This title is part of the Top 10 Selling French book series (source GFK).

    8 comic volumes and several derivative books have been published, along with a “Sister’s guide” and 7 youth novels.

    In total the series has sold more than 1.6 million copies in 5 years and more than 2.000 volumes are sold every day!

    On an international scale, the series has been also a great success abroad: it has already been translated into 10 languages (Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Indonesia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Norway…)


    TV3 (2 Seasons), M6, RTBF, Teletoon+, Netflix