• Jamie’s Got Tentacles

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    Format: 104 X 11'


    On the run from aliens who want him for dessert, Jamie, a young prince from planet Blarb, escapes to Earth.

    Disguised as a human boy, he must remain incognito. This is no easy task: he knows nothing of human ways and everything interests and amuses him! Earth is just like a playground -where it’s hard for him to keep his tentacles under wraps!

    Before Jamie came into his life, Erwin Walsh was a lonely boy plagued by allergies. Now, out of the blue, literally, he has a buddy. His life is thrilling – but exhausting! He spends most of his time covering for Jamie’s intergalactic blunders.

    Unfortunately for our pals, the evil aliens haven’t given up on their dessert! They have dispatched a cultured little robot and a mutant cow to Earth to capture Jamie!

    Jamie and Erwin are in for the best vacation ever!

    Author: Aurore Damant, Julien Bizat, Gilles Cazaux, Vincent Bonjour

    Director: Gilles Cazaux, Cédric Stéphan


    © 2014 Samka Productions


    Worldwide Distribution Samka Productions.

    Ypsilon Films representation for a sale to TV3 in Catalonia, Spain.

    Broadcasters: Clan TVE, TV3 and Amazon Prime Video in Spain, France Télévisions and Canal + in France, ABC in Australia among others.

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