Petronix Defenders

Format: 52x13' + 13 Webisodes x 2'30" + Trailers: 1x30" + 1x1' + 1x2'


Meet Matt, Jia, Emma and Tom. These four friends may look like ordinary second graders at Doodlewitz Elementary School, but they’re anything but. That’s because when animals around the world get into trouble, something incredible happens: Matt, Jia, Emma and Tom receive a special signal on their high-tech backpacks, alerting them to the trouble. Now the friends put their ordinary school lives on hold and leap into action, transforming into an incredible rescue team known as the Petronix Defenders!

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A new Paw Patrol/PJ Mask animated series!

When crises strike wild animals around the planet, a team of heroic seven-year-olds transform their high-tech backpacks into robotic pets and rush off on daring missions to rescue them.

There is nowhere these mighty heroes won’t go to rescue an animal in trouble. Antarctica, Bali, China…

Animal problems need animal solutions! That’s why the team counts on some very special pets to help them on all of their rescues —incredible android animals known as Petronix Pets.

For kids, having a pet isn’t just incredibly fun, it’s also incredibly important. Experts say it improves children’s emotional, nurturing, social and even physical skills.

Values: kids interaction, problem solving, adventures, respect and admiration for nature, promote healthy balance between tecnology and nature, model positive and empathetic connections.


Clan TVE in Spain, M6 & Gulli in France, Super RTL in Germany


Target: 4-8 years old
Genre: Comedy Adventure

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