Team Dronix

Format: 26 x 22'
Author: Technicolor Animation Productions


Follow the buzzing adventures of three young drone-loving students after they get together at the hi-tech Hawkings Academy. Buck Rocket, Tom Chessmat and Vicky Risk combine their talents to make a drone that’s like no other! DroniX is born. And an awesome team along with it!

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Brand Deck: Team_Dronix_Bible

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We love that the fun-filled adventure-packed show is tied in with a revolutionary drone line for kids.


Clan TVE, France Televisions, RTBF, RTP, Medialaan, Disney Channel Eastern Union, Lattelecom, NRK, SVT, MTV3, TVA, Globosat, Discovery Kids Latam, JeemTV.


Worldwide Distribution PGS Entertainment. Represented in Spain by Ypsilon Films.

Master Toy: Silverlit, leading drone manufacturer
Brand in the spotlight
* It's primed to revolutionize the drones genre.
* Unique: Only drone TV show for kids with a toyline.
* Affordable: One of the only affordable drone lines for kids.
* Multi-functioning: Operating on land, in the air, and on or under water.

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